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About Sopp+Sopp

Sopp+Sopp was formed in 2003 by Jamie Sopp. Jamie has many years of experience in setting up and growing his own commercial vehicle body shop in Peterborough. This became one of the largest in East Anglia and was renowned for its high quality repairs and painting along with a speedy turnaround service.

Jamie was asked to set up a national repair network for commercial vehicles by one of the UK’s leading retailers and offer the same high quality service (we are proud to say that we still work with this retailer today).

High Quality and Excellent Customer Service

The passion for high quality and excellent customer service is still the corner stone of our business and is endemic throughout every department. Although our services are now more wide spread the passion for quality and excellent customer service still underpins all that we do. The senior management team have well over 100 years experience in the commercial vehicle repairs and trailer building.

We hope you find our website of interest and if you require any further information or you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Jamie Sopp

Managing Director 

Jamie is the founding director of AGL’s nationwide repair network, Sopp + Sopp. Establishing the company in 2003, Jamie has built a strong reputation for service, innovation and trust within the business-to-business vehicle repair marketplace.

Callum Langan

Key Account Manager 

Callum joined the business in 2010. He implemented the company’s in-house call centre and third party intervention team and has since built a strong and loyal client portfolio for the business.

Martin Key

Network Manager 

Martin has overall responsibility for Sopp + Sopp’s comprehensive repairer network and commercial vehicle VOR (Vehicle off road) Team. Martin is continually developing the repair network to provide sufficient nationwide capacity whilst also managing network SLA compliance and reducing downtime.

Paul Dagless

Financial Controller 

Paul Joined Sopp + Sopp in 2015 and manages tracking, income and costs to improve on the delivery of monthly management accounts to the board.