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FNOL- First Notification of Loss

We provide a 24/7/365 response via our UK operated call centre.

Our team of experienced co-ordinators are dedicated to capturing all the relevant information that’s required whilst offering an efficient, sympathetic first response to our customers’ drivers that are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic incident. Sopp+Sopp offers a bespoke service with personalised client scripts and telephone numbers if required.

All calls are recorded and logged to ensure fast retrieval of accurate information.

All the relevant incident data is entered directly into our accident management software. We notify all, by email, that an incident has occurred. This is sent to all required stakeholders within 30 minutes of the FNOL being taken. (We are currently there on an average of 16 minutes from FNOL call).

If Sopp+Sopp are capturing The Third Party, the FNOL team are in close cooperation with our TPI capture team to provide key information necessary to ensure effective control and capture.