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Sopp and Sopp 24/7 Call Centre

First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Sopp+Sopp First Notification Of Loss – (FNOL). We provide via our UK Operations Call Centre a 24/7/365 response. Our team of experienced co-coordinators are dedicated to capturing all the relevant information that's required whilst offering an efficient, sympathetic first response to our customers' drivers that are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic incident.

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TPI - Third Party Intervention. ‘Control and Capture’

Sopp+Sopp operate an extremely effective Third Party Intervention scheme where the client driver is ‘At-Fault’. If costs are to be controlled it’s imperative that an efficient and speedy TPI scheme is put into place to avoid the risk of credit hire and credit repair.

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Uninsured Loss Recovery

Where liability has been clearly established as Non-Fault and a Third Party has been identified, Sopp+Sopp can provide an Uninsured Loss Recovery service to recover costs not usually covered by the customer's insurance policy.

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