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TPI - Third Party Intervention - Control and Capture

Sopp+Sopp, operate an extremely effective Third Party Intervention scheme where the client driver is at ‘At-Fault’. If costs are to be controlled it’s imperative that an efficient and speedy TPI scheme is put into place to avoid the risk of credit hire and credit repair. We aim to capture the Third Party within 2 hours of the incident and often we can capture at the scene when taking the FNOL call.

Prior to offering TPI, and to guard against fraudulent claims, all of the potential TPI claims are put through the proven NETFOIL system.

High Success Rate

The Sopp+Sopp intervention team pride themselves on their professional and dedicated approach on capturing the Third Party. As a result we have a success rate of over 85% in capturing the Third Party.

The Third Party will be offered all the relevant services necessary to allow their vehicle to be returned to it’s pre-accident condition, at no cost or inconvenience to themselves. This includes providing a hire car to them within 2 hours of us intervening.

In essence our TPI team takes control of each situation to ensure seamless and cost effective handling of all incidents involving third parties. To further help, we provide detailed management reports with timelines, costs and actions taken from start to finish.

Brand Protection and Cost Savings

The benefit that our customers enjoy is two fold; Firstly, protecting our customers brand. We ensure the Third Party is dealt with in empathetic, friendly and professional manner. We realise this can be a very stressful experience for the Third Party. Secondly, by capturing the Third Party, our customers enjoy substantial cost savings as Sopp+Sopp control all the costs which include replacement hire car and car repair which is managed through our VOR team via one of our 270 repair partners nationwide. This avoids our customers having to pay Credit Hire costs which will be substantially more expensive for themselves or their insurer.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is important. We strongly believe in providing the exceptional levels of customer service which is why we measure our performance with a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS).

Not all incidents are problem free or without the occasional issues. However, the vast majority of incidents processed by the Operations Coordinators make our customer feel special. A CSS allows us to scrutinise the feedback and implement best practices for our continuous improvements programmes.